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If you love gaming, why not make it your career? Canada’s hottest market for video game developers is right here in Vancouver. Transform your hobby into a lifelong career today!

    Job Opportunities

    • Computer Animation Studios
    • Game Development Companies
    • Post Production Studios
    • Special Effects Studios
    • Industrial Design Firms
    • Software Producers

Game Development and Design grads have been employed with:


In order to be successful in the game, animation and CGI industries, you need more than a passion for playing video games - you also need a training program to turn your passion into a career. The Game Development and Design program at VCAD focuses on providing graduates with the solid foundation in the technical and artistic skills they need to become a part of this growing industry.

You'll learn the key of storytelling, game design, game play, modeling, and animation techniques. Students acquire a solid foundation in traditional artistic techniques as well. From color theory, design fundamentals to life drawing, you will apply this knowledge to the production and animation of characters, lighting, texturing, layout and design.

Thoughout the program, students learn to apply industry standard software tools and techniques to production processes. Students also build an industry-standard portfolio to help them jump-start their new career. As a student of the Game and Development and Design program you'll acquire important inside knowledge about the industry and the interactive entertainment pipeline.

Graduates of the Game Development and Design program are prepared for work in a variety of CGI based industries like computer animation studios, game development companies, post production and special effects studios. They may also work for industrial design firms and software producers, or for companies that require the production of 3D graphics and animation.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

Game Development and Design

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